With the exception of A Irma (a single included on the Unfolk + Live Book double remaster) and Peregrinazione Lagunaria (from Diplocomp), the following pages are electronic transcriptions from The Venetian Book Of The Dead , mostly melodies and instrumental parts played on bass, guitar, mandolin & cello; please note that all Unfolk material was created playing by ear, with no scores or written parts; on Bedroom Discotheque only the cello melody was previously prepared for the performer. Kevin Hewick’s lyrics can be found inside the CD booklet.

Peregrinazione Lagunaria

[arranged and transcribed for guitar by Dale Miller, based on a Traditional Venetian Tune]

A Irma [aka Irma]

A limited edition of one

Bedroom discotheque

Cancer of conscience

Early grave


Natura distorta

Someone is always screwing someone

The cover up

The radioactive man

The wave that speeds to shore

[all transcribed by Adriano Clera & Alessandro Monti – copyright SIAE]