Quadelectronic documents [QE98]

Questa pagina contiene l’intera sessione registrata ai Quad Studios di Leicester il 26.07.2016 e solo recentemente resa disponibile su Bandcamp:


Alessandro Monti :: Unfolk compare in 4 brani: “Theatre Of Eternal Snows” é stato incluso in una versione leggermente diversa nel cd “Intuitive Maps” (MP& Records, 2017); mentre “I Think You’re Pulling My Leg”, “Untitled track #7” & “A Quadelectronic Unfolk Hybrid Jam Session” restano disponibili in streaming all’indirizzo riportato sopra.


recorded July 26, 2016
released September 1, 2017

10 performers:

Andy Atyeo: laptop with keyboard, guitar
Chris Conway: Roland SH-32, theremin, vocals, effects
Jez Creek: Teenage Engineering OP-1, Arturia Microbrute, effects
Steve Escott: bass, effects
Linda Faulkner: vocals
Alan Freeman: Korg MS-20, effects
Steve Freeman: Moog Rogue, bowed CD, effects
Kevin Hewick: guitar, effects
Alessandro Monti: bass, effects
Jim Tetlow: vocals, cajón
Escape Route = Chris Conway, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman

A different mix of “The Theatre of Eternal Snows” is included on the CD: Alessandro Monti :: Unfolk Collective – Intuitive Maps, on M.P. Records MPRCD072 (Italy, 2017)

Quadelectronic is a unique event, that intitially grew from gigs organised by Chris Conway at The Musician in 2004 to 2006, involving the Freeman brothers and others. The monthly session is held on the third/fourth Tuesday of the month. An improv, jam, workshop event for those that love to experiment and interact in free improvisation, with a focus on electronics.

Full recorded history of the events at: