unfolk orig

Unfolk / Alessandro Monti (ed. limitata 350 copie)

Unfolk Hewick

Unfolk :: Alessandro Monti :: Kevin Hewick :: The Venetian Book Of The Dead (il Libro Veneziano dei Morti)

Unfolk+Live book

Alessandro Monti :: Unfolk + Live Book (remaster 1* album + bonus cd in concerto)


Quanah Parker :: Quanah!

massimo berizzi

Massimo Berizzi :: Spirali


Alessandro Monti :: unfolk solo :: spiritDzoe


DIPLOCOMP :: A Diplodisc Sampler Volume One (various artists)

Alessandro Monti :: Unfolk Collective :: INTUITIVE MAPS

THE WIRE TAPPER 44 (various artists)

VARIE ED EVENTUALI (collaborazioni/produzioni/raccolte):

Quanah Parker :: Suite degli Animali Fantastici (MP& Records)

Italia No Wave compilation (Spittle)

bebo chinchin
Bebo Best & Super Lounge Orchestra :: Sitar and Bossa (Chinchin)

zen cafe
Zen Cafe volume two :: Venezia New York (no label)

Caveman Shoestore :: Master Cylinder, production (T/K)

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