In 1992 I produced the cd “Master Cylinder”, debut album by Caveman Shoestore, for T/K records in Portland (see MEDIA section on this website). Drew Canulette, a talented sound engineer, recorded the sessions at Dogfish studio. After one more cd the band collaborated with Hugh Hopper, Canterbury scene legend: “The Hugest Hopper”, an outtake the Master Cylinder sessions, was dedicated to him and was later released by Fred Chalenor on the compilation “Cybere-t PDX” (Axel Records, 1994): never received a copy of it… and I’m not even sure that production credits are included.
Caveman Shoestore’s debut cd was a musical triumph in my opinion mixing grunge/alternative rock with polyrhythms, but also a financial disaster, this I can’t forget: to this day I never got any income/royalty from T/K and Fred still owes to me the copies he promised… that’s indie life after all.

Here are some clips available on YouTube:

You can also listen to the original demo cassette on YT.

Elaine Di Falco’s PAGE:

PS: per gli Italiani questa é una delle poche testimonianze dell’epoca… una lunga ed esauriente intervista con Elaine Di Falco: