In 1992 I produced the CD Master Cylinder, debut album by Caveman Shoestore for T/K records in Portland (see MEDIA section on this website). The musicians were Fred Chalenor, Henry Franzoni & Elaine Di Falco; Drew Canulette, a talented sound engineer, recorded the sessions at Dogfish studio. After one more excellent CD (Flux) the band collaborated with Hugh Hopper, Canterbury scene legend (even changing the name in Caveman Hughscore): “The Hugest Hopper”, an outtake from the Master Cylinder sessions, was dedicated to him and was later included on the compilation “Cybere-t PDX” (Axel Records, 1994), now very hard to find.

Caveman Shoestore’s debut cd was a musical triumph in my opinion mixing alternative rock with polyrhythms, the band was influenced by everything from Black Sabbath to Conlon Nancarrow, from Prog rock to grunge, but there were also great songs, and I loved that Pop feel… funnily enough if you looked at surnames of the musicians and producer, it almost was an Italian band! Unfortunatey I can’t forget it was a financial disaster: that’s indie life after all.


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About Master Cylinder:

On the positive side it’s one of the best sounding CDs I have in my collection and the tracks are as fresh today as when they were released: I’m so proud of the production, especially Drew Canulette’s engineering ad mixing, with his Dogfish mobile truck he recorded Sun Ra, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pigpen, Neil Young among others in the Portland-Seattle areas.
On the negative side there were some disappointing things: I remember we spent a couple of days at Powell’s, t
he world’s largest Independent Bookstore ( to find Ufo photographs for the cover image and one morning we went to an abandoned station with photographer Mark Trunz in a hurry to get some pics for the back inlay, but the final results weren’t that good except for the strange greek lettering; plus I did careful Italian translations of all lyrics to be included on the booklet, but when I opened the CD I only found a trio pic inside, but no booklet, no lyrics and mistakes on the title translations of the instrumentals: it was indeed hard for me to check things from Italy… but at least I managed to find a couple of books I was looking for at Powell’s!