“monti” CD preview

MP& Records / G.T. Music Distributon

“monti” (MPCD 97) è il primo album solista di Alessandro Monti disponibile da Ottobre 2021; ecco un’anteprima video:

“monti” – alessandro monti [CD teaser] from monti on Vimeo.

Video clip created by Ruth Tidmarsh of the historic punk / art rock group Alternative TV based on the cover image. The original idea behind the artwork was to visually represent the stretching and transforming of sounds, as if it was a real score. Ruth further helped to create the illusion of movement with her animation: the audio excerpts were intentionally edited in reverse order of the audio cd.



ITALIANO: Spotify (come YouTube) è un insulto ai musicisti e alla fruizione stessa della musica, quello che devolve ai musicisti sono briciole che non servono a far crescere la musica e la cultura; pertanto prendiamolo come strumento d’ascolto e se le musiche sono interessanti acquistiamo i dischi

ENGLISH: Spotify (like YouTube) is an insult to musicians and to the actual enjoyment of music, what it donates to musicians are crumbs that do not help to make music and culture grow; so let’s take it as a listening tool only, and if the music is interesting please buy the records

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